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When All You Have Is Hope

Frank’s book is a very powerful story that resonates with people from all walks of life because everyone hopes for something. In this book, Frank relates his business and personal experiences that are a true testament to triumph over adversity. With warmth, humour, and sometimes alerting starkness, he shares with his reader the keys to how he survived and grew.

Starting with stories of his days of living on the streets, in this powerful book, we learn how it all started with hope. We learn about his guiding formula of Hope Vision Action. We learn how each new hope grew, becoming a greater hope. A park bench eventually became a beautiful home; an empty coffee cup became a cafe chain and an order to “move along” became the Order of Canada.

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What people say about the book

How many people in his situation manage to get off the streets, let alone go on to rise to the top of the social order, let alone go on to devote their lives to helping the less fortunate souls of this world?  Frank O’Dea was one in a million. Read his story, and be amazed.

Robert M. Soucie

Toronto, Ontario (courtesy

What a remarkable account of someone who got started on the wrong track early and turned his life around completely. Most people never fall as low- nor end up as high as Frank O’Dea. An inspiring read!

Ian Roth

(courtesy Indigo/Chapters)

Funny to be writing a review even before reading the book (which I DEFINITELY will)…but I expect it to be nothing short of stellar!! I ran into both his radio and T.V inerviews on CBC within a space of 2days remarkable coincidence!!….couldn’t move a muscle till he was done speaking. One of the most inspiring and compelling Canadian personalities I ever came across!

Augustine Opar

(courtesy Indigo/Chapters)

This beautifully told story is both painful and keenly engrossing. …… Bravo, Frank for having the courage to speak out. This is a wonderfully written story and a must read.

Judith Soucie

(courtesy Indigo/Chapters)

This book should be read by everyone, …….. This book helps show that given enough strength of character and a strong support system of friends and/or family, a person can learn to rise above their demons and reclaim their lives. ….

(courtesy Indigo/Chapters)

Best gift I ever received. It is a wonderful story that is very well written and flows well. The author makes the reader feel at home with the story, not like a distant observer who is have trouble keeping up. In that opening chapter you are right there with him. It is like that all the way through the book. This is truly a great Canadian success story of just an ordinary guy dealing with extraordinary situations. Well worth the read.

(courtesy Indigo/Chapters)

In conclusion, this is an inspiring book to reflect on as you are having your second cup of coffee!!

Stephen Pletko

London, Ontario (courtesy

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Inspire your donors to dig deeper? Inspire salespeople and business owners to rise above the status quo? Inspire the people who help people to persevere and celebrate their successes? For over 20 years, Frank O’Dea has been inspiring people to achieve inspiring results.

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