“Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. [Frank] was perfect. The financial results show it. Preliminary numbers: more than doubled what we raised last year, tripled the number of people who came on board as monthly donors.”

H. Scott

“…Frank far exceeded my expectations. He had the attention of the room the moment he started speaking and by the time he was finished, the energy in the room was amazing. From a fundraising vantage point, we substantially exceeded our goal, so I am very pleased.”

“We wanted Frank to inspire our people to support our services. He did that and more. He kept bringing the message back to making a difference. Thanks to him the silent auction was a much better success than expected.”

E. Ronson

“Frank’s speech did exactly what we needed. He very successfully reminded our people that their time, their efforts and their donations really do make a difference.”

B. Gurvey

“The event was everything we could have wished. Frank shared with our business community, which is still recovering from the devastating flood, how he was able to turn his remarkable personal and business adversities into thriving successes. He delivered an emotional and practical speech that touched these business people and their spouses on many levels. In the evaluations, which were excellent, we learned that a number people came because they knew someone who heard Frank speak.”

S. McCormick

“Driving back to the office after hearing from you, we agreed that …… Your approach of highlighting the potential of every day interaction as an opportunity to change the world was so refreshing and I truly left inspired.”

J. Knaak Vice President

“You had everyone’s complete attention when you delivered your three keys to leadership in our Leadership Boot Camp. We could tell by the questions at the end that everybody got it. “

M. Belanger

“You were exactly what our frontline people needed at our Summit and they loved it. Thanks to you, they are prouder of what they do than ever before.”

S. Navarro

“Frank gave an inspiring talk and delivered the right message for our people, He was so popular with the audience that his books sold out.”

M. Barsalou

“Your story was both inspirational and thought provoking…. had a profound effect on everyone in attendance.”

G.van den Hoogen

“The event was a great success and Frank is amazing, all our agents love to listen to Frank Speak. Frank always does an amazing job for us and always delivers a great message. [He] is a pleasure to work with.”


“Just a quick note to say thank-you once again for a wonderful session at our National Leaders Conference last Thursday. I must say the creativity the group showed in exploring uncontested market space in the afternoon was amazing if not a little frightening! Kidding aside, the message hit home and certainly got our folks out of the comfort zone. “

K. Kinsley, President

“Did an excellent job of tying his presentation into the two business units hosting the meeting. Pleasure to work with as well!”

D. Chapman

“Frank did an amazing job and his message was ideally timed with what our people needed to hear. Thank you very much and if Frank every needs a reference for other franchise systems, I would happily accommodate that request!”

K. LeBlanc, President & CEO

“First, let me say that your talk was the absolute best I have ever attended in my 28 years in the insurance industry. I have never seen anyone so “hold” an audience as you did.”

T. Noseworthy

“Frank delivered and entertaining, powerful message to our employees at our annual awards banquet. His amazing rags to riches story resonated with everyone in the room. The feedback from employees was overwhelming, and many noted that the highlight of the event was our guest speaker, Frank O’Dea.”

C. Hyde

“Frank O’Dea’s presentation [Creating a Game-Changer] was by far the highlight of our Symposium. You could have heard a pin drop while he was talking. The audience was captivated and inspired by Frank’s message of hope and ingenuity. As well, Frank was very generous with his time, staying after his presentation and taking the time to shake hands and talk to everyone who approached him.”

D. Després-Smyth

“It was refreshing to see a way to look at our operations differently to get different results”

F. Wedon