There is no shortage of information on what to do and how to do things. Courses, blogs, coaching, webinars and training: sound advice comes at us from every direction and, in the end, people only really take action when inspired and motivated to do so. Frank O’Dea has been successfully inspiring his audiences to action for over 20 years. He cuts through fear and complacency, instilling genuine self-confidence and hope.

Inspiring Generosity

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Inspiring Performance

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Inspiring Pride

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Inspiring Generosity

Hope Vision Action

As an excellent, inspiring and motivating speaker, Frank O’Dea is in demand by fundraiser organizers as a draw a draw for ticket sales. People want to hear from the homeless man who is a founder of the Second Cup, a humanitarian and an Officer of the Order of Canada. His very intriguing and moving story draws people to attend.

Event organizers who count on corporate sponsors find that it is easier attract the attention of sponsors when Frank O’Dea is on the ticket. Business people relate to Frank and are proud to be associated with his successes.

Truly one of the most inspiring speakers in the country, Frank instills in his audiences a sense of hope for the cause and a genuine feeling that their money and their efforts really are making a difference. Attendees are motivated to being more generous as Frank’s speech touches them emotionally.

And finally, organizers can count on their getting their message delivered. Frank is an experienced and professional speaker who understands his responsibility to reinforce the organizer’s message, which he weaves into his stories and experiences making it a customized speech for the specific audience.

Home Depot Foundation

“Your outstanding address at the foundation dinner and generous endorsement of the work is truly appreciated. The feedback has been exceptional enabling us to raise almost double last year.” P. Hunter

Inspiring Performance

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur

A wide variety business people, from owners, to managers to professionals, feel they have something to learn from Frank’s broad experience in business. He tailors his speeches with his stories and experiences that fit his audience, so that attendees come away with tangible lessons of perseverance, vision and innovation, leaving them with a “can do” attitude.

Through his personal anecdotes, his audiences see a different perspective enabling them to think differently about what they need to do to get different and better results. He is the perfect speaker when organizers are introducing new ideas to their people or wanting to get the attendees to push the envelope to do better and be better.

As an experienced and compelling speaker, Frank understands his responsibility to support an event organizer’s message or theme, which he weaves into his stories and experiences making it a customized speech for the specific audience.

Canadian Tire Corporation

“Your opening speech at our Leaders of Tomorrow conference, made everyone in the room understand the simplicity of good leadership” C. Frattini

Farm Credit Canada

Your message was very inspirational and I know it resulted in a lot of personal reflection on what is possible for all of us. I hope you are ok with me quoting you from time to time.” M. Hoffort

Inspiring Pride

Celebrate your Successes

There are people in a wide variety of occupations who are well served to be reminded that what they are doing is important and it is working. They are the people on the front lines of social services, the professionals in healthcare, teachers in the classrooms and many others. So often, they are not witness to the success of their own work and, over time, can be overwhelmed by the on-going stream of people that they deal with daily. Frank O’Dea’s story of homeless panhandler to successful business person and humanitarian, speaks directly to those people, restoring their energy to do their work, restoring the pride in what they do and restoring the enthusiasm that brought them to this work, originally.

Frank is an experienced and compelling speaker who understands his responsibility to support the organizer’s message or event theme, which he weaves into his stories and experiences making it a customized speech for the specific audience.

City of Red Deer – Health Promotion

It was an amazing and highly valuable experience for us as a team. Frank gave us the reinforcement and inspiration we were looking for to help us strengthen our resolve.  He also shared with us real and concrete strategies to implement right away in our community that we know will create the change we need to reach our goa” S. Dallas-Smith

In Summary

Frank’s speaking and his books have inspired action and affected the lives of thousands of people in many parts of the world, raising money for local and international charities. His speaking has opened new perspectives for business people, from owners to executives at large corporations such as Microsoft and TD Bank; from leaders at the United Nations to students in China and the Philippines.

“His remarkable experiences and compelling speaking style draw out the very best from his audiences”

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What do you want to inspire your people to achieve?

Inspire your donors to dig deeper? Inspire salespeople and business owners to rise above the status quo? Inspire the people who help people to persevere and celebrate their successes? For over 20 years, Frank O’Dea has been inspiring people to achieve inspiring results.

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